That is Asif Tuhin’s new song

That is Asif Tuhin’s new song
That is Asif Tuhin’s new song

Band group ‘Sudden’ also played a significant role in the spread of band music in Bangladesh. The vocalists of this band were Asif Tuhin and Agun.

However, before Asif Tuhin joined this band, he formed the band ‘Incentive’ while studying at Comilla Victoria College.

He was the main vocalist. The song ‘Ghasful’ was released in 1992 with lyrics and music by Pavel Chowdhury. Asif Tuhin came into discussion with this song.

He was associated with the ‘Intensive’ team for five years. His album ‘Sukher Choya’ was released from this group. In 1993, the late musician Khalid Hasan Milu performed music with the ‘Incentive’ group at the freshman reception of Victoria College.

Later, Asif Tuhin became more busy as a vocalist by joining the band ‘Sudden’. He continued as a musician. At one time, he was included as a grade A artist on television in Bangladesh.

Even though Asif took a break from singing in between, he has become more focused on music at this stage of his life. So a few days ago he launched a YouTube channel in his own name i.e. ‘Asif Tuhin’.

Two new songs have already been released there. The two songs are ‘Nishirate’ and ‘Ekhanei Roder Alo’. The song ‘Nishirate’ is written and composed by Moni Zaman. The song ‘Ekhanei Roder Alo’ is written and composed by Habib Bappu. Music composed by Monoyor Hossain Tutul.

The music video of the song ‘Nishirate’ was produced by Nishani Momen and the music video of ‘Ekhanei Roder Alo’ was produced by Rubel. Asif Tuhin said, five new original songs will soon be released one by one on his channel.

The songs are written by Nazrul Islam Babu, Anwar Jahan Nantu, Moklesur Rahman Mukul, Habib Bappu. The songs are composed by Monoyor Hossain Tutul, Moni Zaman, Ali Akbar Rupu, Deepak Sutradhar.

Asif Tuhin said, I have worked for several years. But now my full attention is on music. Maybe he should have focused on music and his YouTube channel earlier.

But of late, I am trying my best to focus on my channel, my songs. I want to make healthy music for my channel, for the music loving audience. These songs keep me alive.

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