Syndicate is not the reason why OTT doesn’t get work

Syndicate is not the reason why OTT doesn’t get work
Syndicate is not the reason why OTT doesn’t get work

A career spanning a decade. He broke himself, became mature. Today’s popular actor Tausif Mahbub is moving forward in view and quality. Imrul Noor spoke to him about recent engagements and current affairs

You were a guitarist and had a music band. Why did it break?

Yes, our band was called ‘The Manager’. Which many people don’t know. We were quite popular as an underground band. I did over a hundred shows with that band. The main reason the band broke up was that we all chose different sectors to shape our future like everyone else. Many have left the country. Since I was not an artist, just a musician, it was not possible for me to continue it alone. But I still play the guitar. It’s my hobby. I still have a guitar in my room. I read it whenever I want.

He used to work before coming to acting. Your family wanted you to be an engineer, but you gravitated towards acting. How correct do you think this decision was?

After passing Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) from AIUB, Amma’s dream was for me to become an engineer but instead of doing that I got a job in an agency. Then I came to showbiz. My father was the biggest support behind my entry into showbiz. My first play ‘Alltime Runs On’ was a hit production, but then my father saw it and said, ‘Not good.’ He said then, if you want to take acting seriously, first learn to act well, then act. My father’s words are my biggest inspiration. He could have said don’t do them; But he supported me without saying that and advised me to do the acting with my heart. From then on, the journey began. I got a lot of love from the audience. If I didn’t have this organ, maybe I could have worked well, but I wouldn’t have got this love from the audience.

There has been a slight decline in drama for a year with the tide of cinema. There is not much discussion in that sense. How do you see this?

Movie tide comes every year or every two or three years and there is some ebb and flow in the drama, it is very normal. The big screen is different. Even so, there is no denying that our small screen is doing well. Now many good works are happening, hit productions are happening, audience is discussing them. This year also saw a lot of good movies that were much talked about. Many of our dramas have been discussed in the crowd of them. I am quite satisfied with several of my dramas, such as flying birds, close people. These works reach a wider audience. Wherever I went, I heard their comments about the works.

There is a thing known as pairing system. He has worked in partnership with many, and still does. Why is your pairing around an artist not lasting?

Pairing has always been and always will be—that’s normal. I formed a good pairing with Safa Kabir. We worked together for about five to seven years. At this time, if I say that I have worked with many people and the pairing is no longer planned or planned, it is created by the audience. Apart from that, a number of drama artists are now leaning towards OTT. After them, many of those who have come to new television are not yet mature enough for all the roles. Everything takes time. Definitely for a strong couple.

A syndicate is now being heard on the OTT platform as well. They are not comfortable working with artists outside the syndicate. Do you think any syndicate is working behind your non-working in OTT?

Syndicate sounds as negative as it sounds, but it is not. Syndicate means a group of several members who understand the work well and work together. A big platform like OTT will be in the hands of Buddhists, it is very natural. I am not getting OTT work because of syndicate, it is totally wrong. If I talk about Charki, there is Redwan Rony, Adnan Al Rajeeb, who are my elder brothers. It is much easier for me to get a job there. But I’m not getting good story proposals from the directors I want to work with, which is why I haven’t done the OTT yet.

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