RJ Somak Leaves Radio Mirchi

RJ Somak Leaves Radio Mirchi
RJ Somak Leaves Radio Mirchi

The Wall Bureau: Radio Mirchi’s wicket fell again. Now RJ Somak said, he is leaving Mirchi (RJ Somak Leaves Radio Mirchi). He was about to start something new after that, but didn’t reveal what it was. Cable said in a Facebook post that eight and a half years long journey with Radio Mirchi is coming to an end.

Somak wrote in a Facebook post, ‘This is my last week in Mirchi. Next Friday, the 26th, will be the last show, from 4pm. I would like to share some of this journey of 8 and a half years.’ Somak also wrote a line about why Mirchi is leaving. ‘Why are you going? There is no new beginning if the whole is not finished. I can say this much, the name of my next destination is New Experience. Along with the writing, Somak also posted an old photo of himself at Mirchi’s station.

In July last year, one of Mirchi’s leads, RJ Mir, suddenly announced that his relationship with Mirchi was going to end. Mir himself posted an age-old picture on his social media handle, in which a newly minted Mir can be seen working at a radio station. The photo was taken on August 6, 1994. He had just entered the wireless world. From 1994 to 2022, Mir suddenly withdrew from a long journey.

In this incident, the sky fell on the head of the audience and fans. Many say, Mirchi cannot be thought of without Mir. Mir later revealed that Mirchi is not leaving radio. Later, it was found that he opened his own YouTube channel, Goppomir’s account. There he filled the hearts of the audience by reading new stories.

It is not yet clear what Somak will do. Even though Somak’s journey is not as long as Meer’s, 8 and a half years with Mirchi is not too short. He also posted his old photos on this day. He wrote, ‘My very favorite picture. Picked up by my friend, Abhikendu. This is our old studio – Shantiniketan Building, 8 Camac Street, 13th Floor. Learn everything from here. In a song by Anjan Dutt, it starts from here, crawls from here – I’m the same.’

He shares more memories of this show and film. He wrote, ‘Beginning with the afternoon show – the name was Hotchhai Cafe, 2 pm to 5 pm. I joined in November 2014 and got the show in January 2015. Some college talk, some new songs and an under pressure Ancora RJ. Sometimes I felt disoriented. Mic in one hand, sound mixer in one hand, listener call or message in other hand. A gap of 12 seconds felt like an hour. Taking this picture on such a day.’

After that, Somak became a little amnesiac. Writes, ‘Then a lot of time has passed. Got into doing live shows, had various characters in Sunday Suspense (did Sadashiv soon after this time), and started posting some videos called OMG one day. Then one by one tops, better and better part, love dot com work, writing – one beginning, one like a dream.’

After that, he informed that he was going to leave Mirchi’s hand. He also wrote about the last show. He said that after this he is going to witness a new experience. However, speculation is rife as to what it is.

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