There is no anger-abhiman now, Srilekha will definitely do it if the offer of a film with Prosenjit comes again

Banglahunt the desk: Actress Sreelekha Mitra started sharing daily life details on social media. A few days ago, he shared some old photo shoots with Prosenjit Chatterjee. Srilekha said that it was a photo shoot during the film ‘Annadatha’. This time he shared an old picture again. And Prasenjit is also present there.

The picture is from 2007. Director Rituparna Ghosh, Srilekha Mitra, Yeshu Sengupta and Prasenjit Chattopadhyay sit in a row in a picture taken at NABC. By sharing the picture, Srilekha has left the burden of the caption on her fans. At one time Prosenjit who accused of nepotism in Tollywood, now Srilekha’s Facebook profile is his picture in a row!

The actress told the media that she is not sharing the pictures to prove anything. He also did not want to explain how many ‘pairs’ he had with Prosenjit. Actually the pictures were sent to Srilekha by a fan named Raja Sengupta. Not many know he went to NABC, or even saw the photo shoots with Prosenjit. So Srilekha shared.

He also said that Prosenjit is much senior than him. If he still met, he would ask, where was his anger, pride wrong? She never said that Prasenjit wanted to be intimate with her. Rather he worked with those he was ‘comfortable’ with.

Srilekha says, now if a film proposal comes to him where he likes his character and screenplay, but in which Prasenjith is also acting, he will surely say ‘yes’. Srilekha has no problem acting together.

Notably, Srilekha was the first to speak out against nepotism in Tollywood. In a YouTube video, he said, “Godfathers are very important in the industry. Those who get work in exchange for something. I had no such godfather. At that time Prosenjit, Chiranjit, Tapas Da Rai were running the industry. But Bumbada was number one. At that time, I was not offered heroine roles despite my qualifications. Because then Prosenjit is in love with Rituparna.”

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