For singles I am: Nusrat Faria

For singles I am: Nusrat Faria
For singles I am: Nusrat Faria

Popular presenter Nusrat Faria is working regularly as an actress. In continuation of this, ‘Operation Sundarban’ starring him is being released across the country on September 23.

Nusrat Faria is busy with the promotion of the movie. Actors of the film are touring various university campuses to invite students to watch the film. They went to the private university American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB) on Monday (September 19). There, Nusrat Faria asks everyone to watch the movie that is awaiting release.

During the discussion, a student said, ‘I am single but you are telling me to take a girlfriend. I don’t have a girlfriend.’

At this time, Nusrat Faria said, ‘I am standing in front of you, you go with me. September 23rd, Friday at 3pm we’re watching a movie together, okay? Those who are single; I am here next Friday too. I am available.’

Apart from Nusrat Faria, actors Siam, Ziaul Roshan, Darshana Vanik and the crew of ‘Operation Sundarban’ participated in this event.

Before the release of ‘Operation Sundarban’, the makers of this movie are doing maximum campaign. As a part of this, earlier participated in the campaign in several universities including Jahangirnagar University.

Bangladesh’s first wild life action thriller movie ‘Operation Sundarban’ has been made based on RAB’s adventure in Sundarbans. The movie is produced by RAB Welfare Cooperative Society Litemid and is produced by renowned film director Dipankar Deepan.

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