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Harrell Award Wins ‘Another Day…’

Harrell Award Wins ‘Another Day…’
Harrell Award Wins ‘Another Day…’

Qamar Ahmad Simon’s film ‘Another Day…’ has won the ‘Harrell Award’ as the best film at the international film festival ‘Camden International Film Festival’. A total of 8 films from around the world compete for the Harrell Award at the 18th edition of Camden, one of the North American film festivals. After the exhibition of the films, the award was given on the night of September 19. Where director Kamar and producer Sara were directly present.

Renowned film critic Eric Hines, who participated in the festival, while responding on behalf of the jury, said about the film, ‘The other day…we all agreed on giving the film the best award. There is a powerful and brilliant observation of an entire society in this film.’

Meanwhile, after Camden, the film will participate in the Zurich International Film Festival, one of Europe’s film festivals. Where ‘Another Day…’ will compete for the ‘Golden Eye’ award.

It should be noted that last November World Top-Ten Festival Idfa was invited to the main international competition ‘Another Day…’. Besides, the film had its world premiere at Pathe Tusansky, the most beautiful theater in the world. Earlier in March, ‘Anyadin…’ was the first Bengali film among only 18 selected features at the Museum of Moving Image or Mummy’s First Look Festival in New York. It is to be noted that after winning the grant award from Sundance in 2014, Kamar started working on ‘Anyday…’, but he is still reluctant to open his mouth about the story of the film. He was awarded the Red Carpet Director’s Award at Piazza Grande as the first Bangladeshi filmmaker in Locarno in 2016 for the script of this film. At the same time, he received the Best Award at Open Doors and the Arte International Award.

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