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Late shooting is the norm

Late shooting is the norm
Late shooting is the norm

Meanwhile, the shooting of ‘Bali’, ‘Shravan Jyotsnaya’, ‘Chander Amavasya’, ‘Jale Jwale’, ‘Deshantar’, ‘Asambhab’, has already been completed. ‘Joy Bangla’, ‘Vhangan’ are awaiting release after the censors. But first of all, the work of the movie ‘Galui’ was completed. The film starring Shakib Khan has also been released. The shooting of six including ‘Jamdani’, ‘Jalrang’ is going on. A conflict between the director and the producer arises because the shooting of some parts of a movie is stopped. A source related to the movie, on condition of anonymity, said that the work is not going according to the conditions. The producer wants to do all the work himself, but is not giving time. The producer wants to finish the work of 10 rupees with 5 rupees. This is the main reason behind the conflict between the producer and the director, said the source.

Late shooting of grant movies seems to be the norm now. Repeated letters asking to finish in time are of no avail. Producers are sending letters showing various problems. Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (Movie-1) Md. Saiful Islam said, ‘After the start of Corona, many producers could not work on time. All of them are now shooting. Someone finally released. Someone is finishing. We are constantly chasing producers. But we don’t have much to say when producers talk about problems with logical reasons. But we are now thinking of legal action on the donation movie.’

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