All countries have censor board, Bangladesh will also have it: Information Minister

All countries have censor board, Bangladesh will also have it: Information Minister
All countries have censor board, Bangladesh will also have it: Information Minister

Information Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud said, ‘Bangladesh has had a censor board since the birth of the film industry. There should be a sensor board. I am careful that the board does not do anything unnecessary, but we have seen questions raised about them. What we found there was immediately reported.’

He said this while answering questions from reporters before a meeting with film directors, producers and artists at the Secretariat on Thursday.

When asked whether there is a need for a Censor Board at this time as several films including ‘Saturday Afternoon’ produced by filmmaker Mustafa Sarayer Farooqui have not been released after years of being stuck in the Censor Board, he said, ‘India is the largest film industry in the world, there is also a Censor Board. Every state has censors for movies, it has to be there. My question is that those who do not need to say, do they understand or do not understand.’

The minister said, “If someone makes a movie, which is in conflict with our culture, tradition, and if it is based on a true story, if the whole story is not told, then the censor board will ask questions.”

He said, ‘The hope is that the film industry is going in a better direction now, we have doubled the amount of grants. Earlier where Tk 10 crore was given, now Tk 20 crore is given. When I took charge of this ministry, film people came to me. They told me that many of the donations that are made are not released. A lot of art films are funded, they don’t make them.’

He said he saw that many films (subsidized) were not actually made.

Hasan Mahmud said, we have started taking action against them, cases have been filed against many of them. Then in the case of commercial films, those made were not released, the rights were sold to someone. That is why we have made a new policy that at least 10 halls should be released. Later it was increased to 20.’

He said, ‘No movie is made below one crore rupees, minimum two crores are needed to make a good movie. In that case, they suggested that grants should not be given only to commercial films. We have since emphasized commercial and art films, with a focus on documentaries. But we have emphasized on increasing the grant in commercial, we are reaping the benefits of that. It came down to 65, from there to 210. Another 100 will increase within a year.’

The information minister said, ‘Cineplex, the Prime Minister has made a special loan fund of 1000 taka, many applications for taking loans from there have already been submitted to various banks.

It is not a grant but a loan is being given through the banking channel. When there was corona, no one applied because of fear because then the hall was closed, later after the corona subsided, the application started, then we had to convince the banks and we sat with the bank officials. After that, the application increased. Now slowly dispersing. Now whenever there are good movies, the requests are increasing. It is a revolving fund. Many halls can be renovated with it. New hall can be done. Initially 5 crores was mentioned, we have seen that the quality is not there. For this reason, the amount of money has been increased to 10 crores.

Regarding grants, he said, ‘Give grants only to art films and not to mainstream ones – that’s not what grants are for. Grants are for all types of movies. The mainstream of all genres is commercial film – everyone has to admit that.’

Cases have been filed against all those who did not produce the film with the grant. First notice is given, then when non-complying, case is filed. In view of this, many have returned the money and are giving, and many are making those who could not.

Source: UNB

The article is in Bengali

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