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Junior NTR | Jr NTR says Industry has to accept this challenge and make better films dgtl

Junior NTR | Jr NTR says Industry has to accept this challenge and make better films dgtl
Junior NTR | Jr NTR says Industry has to accept this challenge and make better films dgtl

The makers are apprehensive before the release of ‘Brahmastra’. Despite the assurances of Karan Johar, the book is directed by Ayan Mukherjee. What if his dream project also fell through? The topic also came up in the campaign. Mushkil Asan is NTR junior there. In the tone of Karna, he said, forgetting the division, all movies should be seen as ‘Indian cinema’.

The southern star recently attended the promotion of ‘Brahmastra’. There he said, “We are trying to reach every corner of the country with our small initiative. As SS Rajamouli sir said, this is Indian cinema. What else needs to be said? We don’t live in that era anymore. We are proud to be part of only Indian cinema. Let every film now be known as Indian cinema”. Karn had earlier proposed to consider Indian cinema as a holistic industry rather than dividing it into different categories. He said, not Bollywood or Tollywood, all Indian films. Junior also wanted to say the same thing in the event. From ‘Brahmastra’ actors Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt to Mouni Roy, everyone listened to the speech.

“What has happened before has happened,” advises the southern star, producer and producer friends. Let’s make a good picture this time. Bollywood should focus on creating audience interest.”

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‘Brahmastra’ is releasing on September 9 amid a flurry of big projects. His advance ticket booking went well. Many people are hoping that this film will earn well. However, Junior gave a warning message. Addressing the makers and actors, the ‘RRR’ actor said, “Audiences want better than what we are giving now. Personally I believe that we work better when we are under pressure. So pressure is good. I think the industry also needs to take up this challenge. Good image should be created for the audience. Hope everyone understands that I am not belittling anyone here. Let’s take up the challenge, let’s move forward and make great films for our audience.”

Wishing the success of ‘Brahmastra’, Junior said, “I pray to God that ‘Brahmastra’ really turns out to be the Brahmastra that turns the Indian film industry around.”

Junior starrer ‘RRR’ is the highest grossing Indian film at the box office this year. Earning 274 crore rupees from India alone, the film has attracted the attention of foreign audiences as well. So everyone present wanted to take his advice into their heads.

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