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Mahanayak’s birthday is today

Mahanayak’s birthday is today
Mahanayak’s birthday is today

Uttam’s world-forgetting smile, loving manners still haunt people’s minds. The hero Uttam Kumar is still alive in millions of hearts as an icon of Bengali cinema.

Uttam Kumar was born today on Tuesday (September 3). On this day in 1926, this legendary hero was born in a middle-class family in Bhavanipur, Kolkata.

Uttam Kumar was given the title of ‘Mahanayak’ of Bengali cinema for his impeccable acting skills. It is said that he did not rule out any of the roles a man can play in a movie. Apart from the big screen, he is also a successful actor on stage. Apart from acting, he also works as a director and producer.

The real name of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar is Arun Kumar Chatterjee. Although she started her career by acting in a film called ‘Mayador’, ‘Drishtikon’ was her first released movie. First caught everyone’s attention with the movie ‘Bosu Parivar’. However, Dodulyaman secured the seat with ‘Sade Chuattar’. Uttam Kumar proved himself as a virile actor through his natural acting in the movie ‘Anthony Firingi’. Uttam’s earth-shattering smile, love-like mannerisms, and the variety of acting that can exist beyond usage, that is basically what he showed in this movie.

Apart from Bengali films, this hero also worked in several Hindi films. His Hindi films include ‘Chhotisi Mulakat’, ‘Amanush’, ‘Anand Ashram’ etc.

Uttam Kumar worked in films ‘Nayak’ and ‘Zoo’ directed by Satyajit Ray, the first Oscar-winning director of the subcontinent.

Uttam Kumar Photo: Collected

The most successful and popular pair of ‘Uttam-Suchitra’ got the audience of Bengali cinema with ‘Sade Chuattar’ released in 1953. The Uttam-Suchitra duo once became so popular that Uttam and Suchitra’s names were pronounced together. In the fifties and sixties they gave many commercial successes and popular movies to the audience.

Uttam Suchitra is the known and desired face of all the classic movies like ‘Harano Sur’, ‘Pathe Hall Deri’, ‘Saptapadi’, ‘Chava Pawa’, ‘Bipasha’, ‘Jeevan Trishna’ and ‘Sagarika’. Many feel that the Uttam-Suchitra chemistry has spread beyond the silver screen and into reality. It is said that after the death of this hero on July 24, 1980, Suchitra Sen went into hiding from everyone.

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