Samantha Prabhu | Samantha Ruth Prabhu reveals the first look of her next film Yashoda dgtl

From the south to the west, everyone is mesmerized by the magic of his form. Samantha Prabhu is the only name at the center of practice right now. The heroine caught a new look just before the release of the song ‘O Antava’. Wound on the forehead. The nose also has injury marks. The heroine is standing in the crowd. The hairstyle is also out of the ordinary. The first look of Samantha’s upcoming film ‘Yashoda’ is out.

Nobody is used to seeing the actress like this. Even before the first look was released, the actress revealed the next plan of the film. He said, the film’s promotion date. The first glimpse will come on September 9. The time is exactly 9:49 pm. Is there any mystery to this particular period? However, it is not yet known.

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Samantha’s performance in ‘Family Man 2’ series is still popular. But just what professional life? No, that would be wrong. Naga Chaitanya’s love, marriage and subsequent separation also come up in stages. The actress was clear about her opinion on the breakup with Chaitanya. After the separation, the wheel of his career rolled. Now, in this new film, the heroine will catch the audience in which avatar, that is to be seen.

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