The first movie of life ‘Chakkar’, questions about the poster!


Published: 20 February 2024, 13:30

After a long journey of drama and advertisement production, Sharaf Ahmed Jeeban has gained immense popularity as an actor in the past few years. Mustafa Sarayar Farooqi’s rise from assistant to producer. At the end, Kajal Arefin acted in Amir’s play and showed his life as an actor.

After completing all the turns, this time he is appearing with a full-length film. Basically, the main goal of his media tour of two decades was cinema. Which is now increasingly apparent. According to that source, the maker announced the name of the first movie along with the poster on February 20. He named the film ‘Chakkar 302’.

Jeevan has already completed the entire shooting of this movie, which received a government grant of 65 lakh taka in the financial year 2021-22. It is known that the post production of the film is currently going on. He said that he will announce the release date soon.

The poster of the film shows a man holding a pistol looking worried in a black shade. He is circling around! After seeing the poster, the question arose in the minds of many, who can be this hero! There are various opinions about this. However, it is doubtful that the filmmaker Jiban made his first attempt at the movie with Musharraf Karim.

The producer did not want to open his mouth about this. He said, at the end of this month, he will reveal the name and look of the man who kept the mystery in the poster. Although before that, Musharraf Karim published the poster on his Facebook wall and threw some questions-

Is the story of life simple, or a puzzle…?
Is the next person a friend or a stranger….?
The one who is seen in the mirror is you?… or…?

As the caption suggests, the man on the poster is none other than Musharraf Karim. But it will not be right to take this as final. Because, Sharaf Ahmed’s brothers and sisters in the media are sharing the ‘Chakkar’ poster with the same caption.

Chowdhury Saheb’s Free Offer’, ‘Serious Katha’s Next Katha’, ‘Hawaii Mithai’, ‘Abar Tora Saheb Ha’, the director of popular dramas said that if he had not received the grant, he would have tried to make the story of the movie in a different way.

Musharraf KarimCommentary on the life of Sharaf Ahmed, the story of “Chakkar” has a human touch. Since the grant was received, I tried to make a proper film in a big event by adding more budget to it. Because, even if I have more stories, I’m a little more interested in this story.”

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