When did Moushumi do Bigo live, asked Omar Sani

When did Moushumi do Bigo live, asked Omar Sani
When did Moushumi do Bigo live, asked Omar Sani

Small screen actress Humaira Himu’s suicide case came into discussion on the video chatting app Bigo Live platform. Where Himu was quite active. Fans are also surprised to see their favorite actress on this banned platform. Because users from different parts of the world get involved in various illegal activities in Bigo App.

After the death of Himu, when the discussion about Bigo Live became intense, some media of the country reported that Moushumi, the popular actress of Dhakai cinema, is connected with this platform.

Reports claim that Bigo Live has Moushumi’s videos. He also took a large amount of money live. They have also spread through social media.

Her husband actor Omar Sani is very angry with such news about Moushumi. In a post on Facebook on Tuesday morning, he asked, when did Moushumi do Bigo live?

Omar Sani wrote to those who spread such news, when did Bigo live Moushumi? Proof must be provided, stupid. He never had a Bigo ID.

When Omar Sani from Dhaka Post was contacted about this, he said, ‘I know those who made these news. I will only say this much – May their wisdom rise.’

On the question of whether to take any action against them, Omar Sani commented, ‘No, I will not take any action. I will leave everything to Allah. Those who have defamed my wife, Allah will judge them.’


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