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Entertainment Desk: Artist crisis is a long-standing problem in Dhaka film industry. The establishment of new artists can solve this long-standing crisis in the industry. In recent times, several new artists of Dhakai cinema are showing new hope. Shihab Ahmed wrote by talking to the four new heroes and heroines.

Gazi Abdun Noor wants to take the challenge of all kinds of characters
Bagerhat’s Gazi Abdun Noor first came into the limelight by acting in the Kolkata serial ‘Rani Rasmani’. His role of Rajchandra also gained popularity in Bangladesh. But this actor’s dream was to get the love of the audience by acting in his own country. Gazi Abdun Noor’s Dhallywood journey began in 2021 with Nargis Akhtar’s ‘Jaivati ​​Kanyaar Man’. Due to Corona, the movie could not generate much discussion. Gazi Abdun Noor’s ‘Asambhab’ was released on November 3. Noor’s performance in this movie directed by Aruna Biswas has been appreciated. Gazi Abdun Noor said, ‘It was impossible to hope that the movie will be loved by the audience. There were many opportunities to act in this movie. But the movie could not reach many viewers due to political unrest. But whoever saw it, appreciated it. The audience has an expectation about me. I will try to hold it.’

Gazi Abdun Noor has two movies waiting for release. One is ‘From Bangladesh’ by Shahnewaz Kakali, the other is ‘Shravan Jotsnay’ by Abdus Samad Khokon. Towards the end is the shooting of Saroar Tamiz Uddin’s movie ‘Bhasa Paayi Momtaz’. Apart from this, another movie is being talked about. Talking about future plans, Gazi Abdun Noor said, ‘I want to act in different types of characters, not the same type of character. As an actor, I want to take on the challenge of all kinds of roles. And I hope that the movies that will be released in the future, they should reach the audience smoothly.’

Saima Smriti wants to be established in cinema
Saima Smriti debuted on November 10 with Arifur Zaman Arif’s ‘Yantrana’. Saima Smriti, who started her showbiz career as a model, wants to make a name for herself in cinema. The actress said, ‘Since the release date was announced, I have been waiting to see myself on the big screen. The first time I saw the movie, I felt like I was dreaming. Nervousness was also at work. Thinking about how the audience takes me and what it feels like to see me on the big screen. I thought I liked the movie. I also got a great response from the audience.’

Saima Smriti has signed a new movie before the release of Tanja. He said, ‘I have already signed MK Zaman’s movie “Haor Kanya”. The shooting is supposed to start this month. A few other works are being discussed. I will try to survive in the movie with the love of the audience.’

Ritu wants to be close to the audience through the work
Jannatul Ferdous Ritu appeared in front of the camera for the first time with Raisul Islam Anik’s ‘Iti Chitra’. The movie was released in theaters last month. Ritu was very nervous before the release. That nervousness was evident in the press conference. He said that he has never spoken in front of so many cameras. But he didn’t seem nervous at all on screen. In this movie of the sweet love story of the 90s, he caught the eye with his smooth performance.

Ritu has not yet signed any new movie after Eti Chitra. Although not able to inform about the new work, the new actress said that she wants to work regularly on the screen. Want to work close to the audience. Ritu said, ‘There was a lot of anxiety before the release of the movie. After the release, many people said that I did well as a first movie. I will try to keep this good feeling of the audience. I want to work in all mediums – cinema or OTT. I want to be close to the audience with work.’

Yvonne is planning with the audience in mind
Yvonne’s acting career began with the help of a theater group. He made his debut in cinema in 2016, in Ahsan Sarwar’s ‘Rong Dhong’. Due to various complications, the movie has not yet seen the light of day. After that he acted in the movie ‘Ekta Na Bela Ghobi’. However, his first performance as a hero was in the movie Iti Chitra. Then Yvonne’s ‘Megher Kapat’ was released at the beginning of this month. Yvonne said that he got the response of the audience with both the movies. Wants to work in the future keeping the audience in mind. After the release of Iti Chitra and Megher Kapat, the actor is very cautious about new work.

Yvonne said, ‘I want to be with acting. But now I am proceeding a little cautiously. The responsibility increases when many visitors connect. If I can’t calculate at this time, it will be like wasting my own space. Planning with the audience in mind.’

Yvonne has signed two more new movies. However, he did not want to say anything about it before the official announcement. He only said that the shooting of a new movie will start in December. Apart from the big screen, Yvonne is also working in OTT. There is also joining in new work.

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