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Innovative strategy, Zayed Khan again gave digbazi

Innovative strategy, Zayed Khan again gave digbazi
Innovative strategy, Zayed Khan again gave digbazi

The movie ‘Something Like An Autobiography’ is made on the love story of Mustafa Sarayar Farooqui and Nusrat Imroz Tisha. Where Faruqi also acted for the first time. The script of the movie is jointly written by Farooqui and Tisha.

The stars were seen using novel techniques in the promotion of this movie. Where were directors and actors Farooqui, Marjuk Russell, Ashutosh Sujan, Naseeruddin, Shahriar Nazim Joy and Zayed Khan.

In a video posted on Facebook, filmmaker Mustafa Sarwar Farooqui is seen talking about the promotion of his upcoming movie ‘Something Like An Autobiography’. Regarding how to promote the name of his movie to the audience.

Then the director gave that responsibility to actor Marzooq Russell sitting next to him. Director-actor Ashutosh Sujan shouldered the responsibility of making Marjuk Russell’s movie name viral. Sujan then asked actor Naseeruddin Khan to take this responsibility. Naseeruddin Khan is also a very viral actor in recent times. However, Nasiruddin claimed himself to be the child of Viral and referred to Viral’s father and assigned this task to Joy.

Then as soon as the camera came to Joy, the actor said, Viral’s grandfather Zayed Khan can make the name of this movie viral. After that, Zayed Khan showed his magic. He took off his watch and began to sing in Punjabi. He sat down on the stand of the helicopter standing with two digbajis in a row. Then by attracting attention towards the camera and promoting Faruqi’s upcoming movie, he said, everyone should keep their eyes on the screen on November 30. Otherwise, he will open the door of any room at any time with Digbaji!

It is known that they went to Naogaon to promote the movie. He made this video there. The fans have also enjoyed the publicity strategy of the stars.


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