Afghan blue star’s video shakes the net world


Entertainment Desk: Afghanistan’s only blue star claim, the Taliban know him, see his picture! Afghanistan’s new ruler, the Taliban, believes in covering women’s heads. However, a woman from Afghanistan acted in an adult film.

The professional blue star is currently not living in Afghanistan. However, he was in Kabul during the first phase of Taliban rule. Name is Yasmin Ali. Yasmin claims that she is Afghanistan’s first and only heroine. No one before or since has dared to act in an adult film from Afghanistan.

Yasmin is popular in the film world. ‘Only Fans’ and ‘Porn Hub’ featured her in adult films. However, the reason why the Taliban could not take any action against him is because of his recent address. Yasmin now lives in Britain.
Not only that, he also left his religion. Yasmin now proclaims herself as a ‘disbeliever in God’.

However, Yasmin claims that his popularity is not unknown to the Taliban. Even, they may have seen pictures and videos of Yasmin. However, in an interview, Yasmin said, even after watching those videos, the Taliban look at her with hatred. Because in the Taliban’s view, exposing women’s bodies is a serious crime.

Yasmin also said what the Taliban might think about him. Said, ‘They must be thinking, how dare I show my body publicly as an Afghan!’ Yasmin said, ‘They think they only have authority over my body. And if I show my body in public, I am not a real Afghan. I lack patriotism’.

But that doesn’t matter to Yasmin. In his words, ‘What happened to me Afghan! How much my patriotism, will the Taliban decide? Who can say, they might also watch my film. But can’t say it publicly’.

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Yasmin claims that the Taliban consider women ‘objects’. He has always known this. He also witnessed the Taliban’s first phase of rule in Afghanistan.

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