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Movie release postponed due to ‘sabotage’

Movie release postponed due to ‘sabotage’
Movie release postponed due to ‘sabotage’

It was said that the film ‘Shyama Kavya’ produced by Badrul Anam Soud will be released in theaters on November 24. The team started campaigning for that purpose. Release of song from teaser-trailer; It was continuously accompanied. But suddenly on Sunday (November 19) evening, the producer announced that the release of the film has been postponed for the time being.

Through a video message, the producer Soud said, considering the ongoing unstable situation in the country, they have decided to postpone the release of ‘Shyam Kavya’. The new release date has not been decided yet.

Badrul Anam Soud said, “The strike-blockade is going on, although people are leaving their homes for work.” But some subversive events are also happening. When the movie is released we will ask the audience to come to the hall. But due to vandalism, we cannot invite anyone to come to the cinema hall at the moment. Because we cannot take responsibility for any life or loss of anyone. So for now we are postponing the release of our movie.’

Scene from the movie ‘Shyama Kavya’The trailer of ‘Shyama Kavya’ was released on November 9. Seeing that, many people appreciated it and expressed interest in watching the film. Based on a psychological thriller story, Nilanjana Neela, Sohail Mondal, Intekhab Dinar, Naureen Hasan Khan Jani, Saju Khadem, Shahadat Hossain, AK Azad Setu, Subhashis Bhowmik and others acted in this movie.

The film received a government grant in the financial year 2019-20. It is jointly produced by Badrul Anam Soud and Subarna Mustafa.

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