Is Priyanka cutting ties with Bollywood?

Is Priyanka cutting ties with Bollywood?
Is Priyanka cutting ties with Bollywood?

After marrying American pop star Nick Jonas in 2018, Priyanka Chopra is getting married in Los Angeles. Since her marriage, her relationship with Bollywood has been strained. During this time, Desi Girl has firmly established her place in Hollywood.

They now live in Prasadopam house in Los Angeles with their daughter Malti. Although Priyanka is traveling in Mumbai.

Priyanka recently sold her two flats in Mumbai. He sold two of his flats to a manager in Bolipara. These two flats of the actress are located in Lokhandwala area of ​​Andheri, Mumbai. Basically he used that apartment as an office.

News, the star saved that property in exchange of more than 6 crore rupees. A dentist couple rented the property in 2021. So far, they have to pay more than two lakh monthly rent for him. Now director Abhishek Chaubey bought those two flats.

One was sold for around Rs 2.23 crore, the other for Rs 3.75 crore. The property was handed over in October this year.

Priyanka will soon be seen in ‘Head of State’ in Hollywood. Apart from this, it is heard that he has already been offered for the film ‘Don 3’. Whether he gave his consent was not answered.

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