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Will the world do anything to save the Palestinians? Akuti Jayar

Will the world do anything to save the Palestinians? Akuti Jayar
Will the world do anything to save the Palestinians? Akuti Jayar

Jaya Ahsan


Bangladeshi actress Jaya Ahsan took to social media in support of Palestinians in the wake of Israel’s attack on Gaza.

On Sunday morning, this popular actress from Bengal expressed her anger on Facebook about the killings in Palestine.

Jaya wrote, “I see images of Palestine online, in newspapers, on television screens. Bombs are being dropped on innocent people; Hospitals are also under attack. I saw in a picture that the whole family had died, and there was only one survivor sitting in front of the dead bodies.

“More than eleven thousand people have died so far. More than 4,000 children have died out of this.”

Expressing helplessness and suffering from depression, the actress wrote, “It breaks my heart to see all this. I took my mind off and got down to work. Going to promote new releases, attending award functions, preparing to go to Goa Film Festival. It also feels guilty.

“My or our life is going on, but their life is facing death every moment. Seeing their helplessness is heartbreaking.”

But ‘Sudin’ will return, Jaya wrote with conviction, “Let this killing stop. Let the children play in the sunny fields, under the palm trees. Let these people return to their homes without a country in their own country. Can’t the great people of the world unite to save them? Is that too much to expect?”

Fighters from the Palestinian independence group Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on southern Israel on October 7. 1,200 Israelis were killed in that attack; Hamas fighters captured 240 people and took them to Gaza as hostages.

In response, Israel launched a fierce attack on Gaza from that day, announcing the elimination of Hamas. Gaza’s health ministry said 11,500 Palestinians were killed in the attack, which lasted more than five weeks.

All around Gaza is now only rubble. Screams of the relatives of the dead and injured in the hospitals. No schools, mosques or ambulances are spared from the attack. Al Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital, has been labeled a ‘deathbed’ by the World Health Organization.


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