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Attempt to hack to death a fishmonger in Bogra, 2 arrested -
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Jaya is worried


Jaya Ahsan is a popular actress of two Bengali. He has already won the National Film Award five times. This actress expressed concern for war-torn Palestine. In a post on social media Facebook, Jaya wrote, “I see pictures of Palestine online, in newspapers, on television screens. Bombs are being dropped on innocent people. Hospitals are also under attack. I saw in a picture that the whole family had died, and there was only one survivor sitting in front of the dead bodies. More than 11,000 people have died so far. More than 4,000 children have died. Jaya said, hearing these things broke my heart.

I took my mind off and got down to work. Going to promote new releases, attending award functions, preparing to go to Goa Film Festival. It also feels guilty. My or our life is going on, but their life is facing death every moment. Seeing their helplessness brings tears to their eyes. Stop this killing. Let the children play in the sunny fields, under the palm trees. Let these people return to their homes without a country in their own country. Urging everyone to be united, Jaya said, can’t the great people of the world be united to save them? Is that too much to expect? Many fans agreed with Jaya’s post. They also asked the Israelis to stop the war.

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