Bollywood Controversy | Sushmita Sen opens up about being called a gold digger dgtl

Bollywood Controversy | Sushmita Sen opens up about being called a gold digger dgtl
Bollywood Controversy | Sushmita Sen opens up about being called a gold digger dgtl

The news was received by July last year. Former beauty queen Sushmita Sen is in love with industrialist Lalit Modi. Not only whispers, some intimate pictures of Sushmita and Lalit were also spread on social media. Their chemistry was evident from that picture. However, Sushmita never admitted her relationship with Lalit in public. For falling in love with a rich industrialist like Lalit, she had to hear no less taunts. He is in love with Lalit for money. The whispers that spread on social media pages. After spreading such sarcasm about herself, Sushmita was initially silent, but later opened up on social media pages.

In a social media post, Sushmita wrote, “I was amused to read so much about me at first. But before calling someone a ‘gold digger’, you have to know the truth. I love diamonds more, not gold! And if I wanted to marry someone, then I would have gotten married in such days. I don’t give up trying. I either do the work or I don’t.” Sushmita said in an interview, “I have lived in front of the camera for so long that I don’t mind hearing such things anymore. I have also received the love of people, along with it, such a title has been added to my forehead. I accepted that too. But that doesn’t mean that my character is determined by their ideas.”

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At the beginning of this year, he was diagnosed with heart disease. After the treatment, the former beauty of the world almost regained her life. Along with that, her old lover Rohman Shall has returned to her life. He is the person of Sushmita’s heart since 2018. For a couple of years, neither Sushmita nor Rohman moved away from each other. They came close again after Sushmita suffered from heart disease this year. Two years after the announcement of separation, the couple has become ‘one’ again. Spent the festival of Diwali together. A week later, Sushmita turned 48 on 19 November.

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