Why am I a victim of politics: Purnima

Why am I a victim of politics: Purnima
Why am I a victim of politics: Purnima

Due to the politics of the film industry, actress Purnima has dropped out of the movie. He will open his mouth about this soon. At the end of 25 years of career, such comments of the actress have created a new discussion in the film industry.

Purnima said, I will do a separate program on the matter. I will tell you everything there. Why am I a victim of politics, and who put me in this politics? I will name them all. For that you have to wait a few days.

While inaugurating a commercial establishment recently, Purnima said, films are decreasing. Many artists have stayed at home. Many great artists have died.

The heroine said, there is politics. Many did not get film work due to some politics. I am also a victim of politics! I also left out a few pictures. It happened because there was politics. Nothing to say. Image is reduced. FDC is also getting smaller now.

About the decrease in work on the big screen, he said, the films that are happening on the big screen or the stories that are happening may be according to my time, according to my career of 25 years, the character that needs to be there. Such good character offers do not come. That’s why I’m doing less. I may not be able to match the images that are happening.

While working on OTT platform, Purnima said, there are some stories, where some objectionable scenes may have to be acted. But personally I cannot act in any offensive scenes. Since there is no censor in OTT, it turned out that the scene was very important to the story. I have to return all such stories. Later they may take a better actress. That’s why I think it’s my personal problem.

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