All the complaints against Bubli


Actress Shabnam Bubli has been a victim of various complaints since the beginning of her career in cinema. He teamed up with Shakib Khan in the first film. Then connect. However, after a few years, she came into public with Shakib’s marriage and children. Meanwhile, Apu himself also complained that Shakib Khan’s family broke up with Apu Biswas because of Bubli. At that time, some of the netizens also blamed Bubli for the breakup of Shakib-Apu’s relationship. Later, Bubli’s relationship with Shakib deteriorated. Shakib Khan also complained about this actress. Shakib repeatedly stated that he has no relationship with this actress. This time there are many discussions and rumors about Bubli’s relationship with the chief executive of Ganbangla channel and musician Kaushik Hossain Tapas.

First, Tapas’ wife and Ganbangla channel chairman Farzana Munni brought forward the issue of Bubli-Tapas relationship through a post. He even accused Bubli of breaking his house in that status. Although later it is said that someone did this by hacking the ID. But recently, the audio leak of Farzana Munni with Apu Biswas proved that Munni’s ID was not hacked.

In that audio recording, Munni repeatedly said that Bubli is trying to break her house. He wants to build a relationship with Tapas to take revenge with Shakib. Munni can even be heard saying in the audio recording that night after night Bubli sat for Tapas on the Gunbangla channel. A source says that Apu Biswas planned and leaked the call record. Bubli says against all these, these are conspiracies! A conspiracy has emerged to destroy his career. He also claimed that he will give all the evidence if there is any official complaint. Meanwhile, yesterday actress Parimani wrote in a post referring to Bubli, she wants to continue saying that everything is so much a conspiracy! There, another actress Shirin Sheela commented, it has become a habit to make conspiracies. Meanwhile, after the audio leak, a storm of discussion is going on in the net world about Bubli. Some have raised the question why there are so many complaints against Bubli. Many have advised him to leave these aside and concentrate on his career.

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