Audio clip with Bubli: What Apu Biswas said

Audio clip with Bubli: What Apu Biswas said
Audio clip with Bubli: What Apu Biswas said

Although Apu spoke to Glitz about this, Farzana Munni was called but she did not pick up. And on Saturday, Bubli is very excited about the news of the new audio.

Parimani, another popular actress of Dhakai cinema, is scheduled to work with Bubli in the movie ‘Khela Hobe’ produced by Farzana Munni.

On the other hand, Apu Biswas and Bubli have been in the discussion for a few years regarding their relationship with Shakib Khan, the popular hero of the Dhaka film. They both married Shakib Khan. Despite initially denying it, Shakib Khan accepted both the marriages and the paternity of their children. Since then Apu and Bubli have stopped seeing each other.

Bubli alleges that one side is trying to ruin her career. According to him, he is no longer ‘getting over’ the ‘dirty conspiracy’.

By sending a message to the media personnel on the WhatsApp number, Bubli wrote, “If someone has so much problem with me, then let them speak officially, speak with proof, then I will also speak officially about the date with all the proof of my work by holding a press conference and take legal action.

“Once it is being reported that the ID has been hacked, another time the status of that ID has been deleted, and again the audio leak called Keys Key Leak is being said. It is not understood whether the audio is edited on one side with one person’s words, who is talking on the other side or manipulating someone’s words. In a conversation where only one person is speaking, what is the purpose, you say.”

He said, “I am just waiting for the official statement then I will answer all this with proof. I am identifying each and every one of them who try to spread these false propaganda.”

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