Tiger 3 Review: ‘Tiger 3’ is a Diwali banger with Indian national anthem, Dhundhuma action in Pakistan

Tiger 3 Review: ‘Tiger 3’ is a Diwali banger with Indian national anthem, Dhundhuma action in Pakistan
Tiger 3 Review: ‘Tiger 3’ is a Diwali banger with Indian national anthem, Dhundhuma action in Pakistan

Suparna Majumder: ‘Jab tak tiger mora nehi…tab tak tiger hara nehi’ — yes, this dialogue alone explains ‘Tiger 3’. Where Salman is Salman Khan. To this day Abinash, indestructible is His glory. Due to which the audience came to the seven morning show. Katrina also does not go down. Unstoppable actress in action scenes.

Ek Tha Tiger was released in 2012. In other words, Yash Raj Films’ ‘Spy Universe’ started with that film. After five years, ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ was released. Now it is the turn of ‘Tiger 3’. But the fight in front of Salman is tougher than before in this film. Because Shah Rukh Khan has made history as ‘pathan’, ‘jawan’. But regardless of the box office results, Bhaijaan really gave the fans a Diwali bang this time.

The story begins with a mission to rescue Agent Gopi (Ranveer Shorey). Before dying, Gopi tells Tiger that his wife Zoya (Katrina Kaif) has become a double agent. Is it really so? Tiger tries to know. Since then, the story has taken one turn after another. It is known that Zoya was forced to do this due to the manipulation of Pakistan’s former agent Atish Rahman. Atish’s goal? Avenging his wife’s murder and taking over the place himself by killing the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

[আরও পড়ুন: বিরাটদের দিওয়ালি পার্টিতেই স্পষ্ট অনুষ্কার বেবিবাম্প! দ্বিতীয় সন্তানের ক্ষেত্রে কেন চুপ বিরুষ্কা?]

Tiger was jailed in Pakistan due to Atish’s manipulation. After that? Yes, now it’s Shah Rukh’s turn to ‘send’. If there is then chill-scream. Shah Rukh released the fountain of action in a cameo. Major Kabir aka Hrithik Roshan of ‘War’ is also seen at the very end of the movie.

But in the end this story belongs to Tiger. Can he save the life of the Prime Minister of Pakistan? You have to go to the cinema to see it. Because you really want to see this movie on the big screen. There are international quality action scenes. Again, India’s national music market scene is also on the soil of Pakistan. Salman Khan is definitely larger than life. Now he has taken himself to another level. Katrina is more focused on action than dialogue. The rest of the characters played their roles. Revathi is a big fade away as the head of RAW.

However, director Manish Sharma and screenwriter and producer Aditya Chopra have filled that gap. They have beautifully blended the past and present in the timeline of the story. And we have to talk about Emraan Hashmi. He gave life to the role of Atish. Dhurandhar has not spared any extravagance in his performance and has become the villain. Bollywood will benefit if such an actor is used.

Movie – Tiger 3
Starring – Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Emraan Hashmi, Revati, Simran, Riddhi Dogra, Vishal Jethwa, Kumud Mishra and cameos by Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan.
Directed by Manish Sharma

[আরও পড়ুন: একা ‘পাঠান’-এ রক্ষে নেই, দোসর ‘টাইগার’! সলমনের ত্রাতা শাহরুখ, ‘জোড়ি নং ১’ করণ-অর্জুন]

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