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Katrina’s husband told how his wife felt with her ex-boyfriend


‘Tiger 3’ released on Diwali. This film marks the return of Tiger-Zoya duo to the big screen. There was a time when Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan’s relationship was all over the place. There were many rumors that Katrina has made her place in Bollywood by Salman’s hand. But the relationship broke because of the bad mood of the actor. Finally, Katrina tied the knot with actor Vicky Kaushal.

But in this film, this former couple paired up again. The Katrina-Salman film has everything from action to romance. Katrina’s husband Vicky saw this picture on the first day. He told how his wife Katrina and his former couple were on the big screen!

“Tiger-3” is truly a gift for Diwali 2023, writes Vicky with the poster of the film on social media pages. Well done, Zoya, Tiger and Atish. All the best to the entire team of Yashraj.

The actor himself has said several times that he is overwhelmed by marrying such a big star like Katrina. On the other hand, Salman himself likes Vicky. Although Katrina did not have a good relationship with her previous boyfriends, Bhaijaan himself has admitted on several occasions after his marriage to Katrina that he likes Vicky.

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So the relationship between them is not complicated but quite simple even after Katrina’s marriage. Therefore, Vicky said that Salman’s pairing with his wife Katrina on the big screen and the villain Emraan Hashmi is liked.

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