Poet Nazrul’s song distortion in Bollywood movie, storm of criticism in two Bengali


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November 12, 2023 12:11

Deepak Debnath, Kolkata

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In the Bollywood movie ‘Pippa’, composer and musician A. And Rahman. He has been accused of distorting the song. Made in the context of the 1971 war or Bangladesh’s independence struggle, this song written by a rebel poet has been used. Bengali emotions are associated with this song of rebel. A. has completely changed the tone of the song while adding new tunes to that song. And Rahman – that’s the complaint. The protest has taken social media by storm.

Kazi Arindam, the grandson of Kazi Nazrul Islam, is very angry after hearing the remake of AR Rahman’s song ‘Karar Oi Louh Kapat’. Calling it unfair, he said, “Though late mother Kalyani Chowdhury allowed this song to be used in the film, she did not want any change in the tune.”

He said, ‘The way this song has been performed by changing the tune and rhythm is shocking. When my mother was alive, she looked after all the legalities of the contract. Mother is no longer alive, so I will have to look at those contracts. Because I have to check what is written in that contract and only after that I will talk to my family members about it and the next steps will be taken.’

‘This song was performed in the background of the fight with the British. This song inspired the freedom fighters. I don’t know why Rahman sir did this, it is injustice. I request that this song be removed. He (Rahman) may not have understood the lyrics or the background of the song.’

Bangladesh’s national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was born in 1899 in Churulia village of West Bengal, West Bengal, India. Nazrul songs sung by him are equally popular in both Bengali.

Nazrul’s granddaughter Anindita Kazi also expressed her disapproval of the change in the song. Anindita demanded immediate removal of the image and the altered version of the song from the public domain.

Arindam’s cousin Khilkhil Kazi also expressed concern over the incident. He will visit Kolkata within the next two days. During this visit, prominent local music artist, Nazrul will talk to the researchers and inform everyone about their next steps against this remake.

Popular Bengali singer Heimanti Shukla also expressed her anger at this behavior. His question is how a top composer like AR Rahman can make such a change in the song.

Although in spite of all this. And Rahman has not commented on this yet.

Ishaan Khattar, Mrinal Thakur, Priyanshu Painuli, Soni Razdan, Inamul Haque and others played the lead roles in this film directed by Rajakrishna Menon.

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