What does Parineeti call her husband affectionately?

What does Parineeti call her husband affectionately?
What does Parineeti call her husband affectionately?

Raghav Chadha and Parineeti Chopra’s marriage is one and a half months old. Although they were in a relationship with each other for about two years before that. But he did not say that publicly. Basically they used to spend time together abroad. After the marriage, the actress leaked those pictures of their love episode.

Parineeti’s birthday was a few days ago. On that day, the AAP leader sent a message full of love to his wife. Now the actress has ‘secret leaked’ on her husband’s birthday.

At the beginning of his greetings to Raghav on social media, he addressed his husband as ‘Raghai’. It is understood that Raghav-Parineeti are immersed in each other even if they do not profess their love openly. This post of the actress reveals how happy Parineeti is to have Aap Sansad Raghav as her life partner.

He writes to his husband, ‘Your mind and intellect amaze me. Your values, integrity and faith have made me a better person. I feel lucky to see your sense of responsibility and duty towards the family. You are truly a good person in this chaotic world. you are my medicine Today is really my favorite day. Because on this day you came into the world. Thank you for choosing me as your partner.’

The actress is currently commuting between Delhi and Mumbai. On one hand, the in-laws are in Delhi. On the other hand work in Mumbai. Talk about the first year of marriage. Because of that, however, Parineeti cannot attend various events in Mayanagari.


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