Hrithik in Salman’s ‘Tiger 3’ movie

Hrithik in Salman’s ‘Tiger 3’ movie
Hrithik in Salman’s ‘Tiger 3’ movie

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November 9, 2023 16:51

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Hrithik Roshan will also be seen as another surprise in the film ‘Tiger 3’. The actor is getting 2 minutes 22 seconds screen time in this film. Aditya Chopra spent Rs 35 crore for this guest appearance.

Directed by Manish Sharma, ‘Tiger 3’ will release on Diwali. Final preparations are now underway. Now it is known that not only Shah Rukh, Hrithik Roshan will also be seen in a guest role in the movie. Bollywood Hungama has revealed this news.

Bollywood Hungama said, ‘On October 27, the censor work of the movie ‘Tiger 3’ was completed. Later the production company Yash Raj Films requested the Censor Board to approve the additional scenes. The censor board approved the scene on November 6. Now the length of the movie is 156 minutes. That is 2 hours 36 minutes; Which was earlier 2 hours 33 minutes.”

Sources say, ‘The shooting of Hrithik’s scenes was completed at Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai on November 4.’ Katrina Kaif is the heroine opposite Salman in the new movie like the previous two movies of Tiger series ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’.


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