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Tisha’s Letter for Daughter in Song Song (Video)

Tisha’s Letter for Daughter in Song Song (Video)
Tisha’s Letter for Daughter in Song Song (Video)

It is more or less known to everyone in the cinema neighborhood that director Mustafa Saryar Farooqui has acted in a movie for the first time. He shared the screen with his wife, actress Nusrat Imroz Tisha in his own production ‘Something Like An Autobiography’. But not only them, their only daughter Ilham is also in this film.

Now that little artist was found in a song of the film. Which is titled ‘Flower of Choice’. The song was released on the internet on Wednesday (November 8). This song is called a mother’s letter to her child. Tisha and Ilham presented it on screen.

Tisha commented on the song, ‘Every line of this song speaks to my feelings. There is nothing to describe or say about it separately. The lyrics of this song are a letter. My letter written for Jochana Ful Ilham. In a large sense it is her mother’s letter to all daughters.’

Faruqi-Tisha and their daughterOn the other hand, after hearing the song and seeing his wife and daughter on the screen, producer Farooqui was overwhelmed. He said, ‘I don’t know if I can write down my feelings. But this song will be something special for us forever. Our Ilham’s first professional appearance in this music video.’

‘I am writing to you with ink from the clouds/ standing on the mountain of questions/ the answer is silent for no reason/ how much pressure how much mockery/’- the song written and sung by ‘Chirkut’ band leader Sharmin Sultana Sumi. Composed jointly by Sumi and Pavel Arin. Music by Pavel Arin.

Singer Sharmin Sultana SumiNote that ‘Something Like An Autobiography’ has been produced as part of Charki’s special program ‘Ministry of Love’. In this, 12 filmmakers are making 12 movies about love stories. Farooqi is supervising the entire project. And he himself has made two movies. One is this ‘Autobiography’, the other is called ‘Monogami’.

‘Chochna Phul’ song link:

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