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‘I tried to portray the Rudramurthy of the action lady’

‘I tried to portray the Rudramurthy of the action lady’
‘I tried to portray the Rudramurthy of the action lady’

Popular actress Mansi Prakriti is constantly matching herself in diverse roles. He made himself known on the small screen long ago with his fluent acting. Made his film debut a long time ago. Although there is a break in the film, he is back again. Prakruti is coming to the theaters with the sixth and fourth movie of his career.

He played the central role in the movie. His movie ‘Yantrana’ is going to be released in theaters across the country on November 10. Prakrit’s co-star in this is actor Adar Azad. The movie is directed by Arifur Zaman Arif based on the story of Abdullah Zaheer Babu.

Prakriti said about ‘Yantrana’, ‘The movie is based on a lady action story. My character name is Pushpa. The story will progress around Pushpa. This is the first time I have acted in an action role. The character is very challenging. The movie has a lot of mayhem scenes. Tried to portray the action lady’s image on the screen. The story has many twists and turns. Tried to portray my character properly. I hope that the audience will like the movie with the story and characters.’

Prakriti made her film debut with the movie ‘Kesh Katha’. Also another movie has been released along with the movie ‘Jal Shayola’. At present, two movies of his acting named ‘Dui Chaan Dus Minut’ and ‘Rong Road-Aduri Adhyaya’ are awaiting release. It is said that the movie will be released in two theaters soon.

Meanwhile, Prakriti is having a good time in her career. He is also ahead in the current view race. The proof of which is the dramas he acted in. More proof is his recently released dramas. Prakriti’s play became one of the fastest viewed on YouTube as soon as it was released. Mansi Prakriti is excited by this love of the audience.

This glamorous actress has proved herself long ago by going outside the familiar rhythm and acting in diverse roles. Currently, he is spending a very busy time on the small screen. Recently completed several plays. Which will be promoted continuously.

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