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What is obscene, Deepjol asks Shakib’s heroine Idhikar

What is obscene, Deepjol asks Shakib’s heroine Idhikar
What is obscene, Deepjol asks Shakib’s heroine Idhikar

Kolkata serial actress Idhika Pal became the talk of acting in ‘Priyatma’ with Shakib Khan. However, instead of seeing Idhika’s performance positively, the actress wears obscene clothes – said Bangladeshi actor Manowar Hossain Dipzal. Dipzol commented that this heroine’s dress is obscene. This actress responded against this.

Idhika recently came to Dhaka. He returned to Kolkata on a five o’clock flight on Tuesday (07 November). Earlier this afternoon while talking to journalists at a hotel in the capital, he expressed his opinion contrary to Dipzal’s words.

Idhika said, he is called the lord of cinema. He is a big man. I have nothing to say about him. I am a small person coming into the industry. As far as the idea goes, I dress vulgarly.

Then he threw questions and said, I have only one question for him. What is vulgar? I don’t think there’s profanity on social media or in the few jobs I’ve had so far. Which is obscene, this is the question addressed to him.

After that, Idhika questioned Dipzal and said, I would like to know one more thing personally. He is much senior than me. I did not expect such a thing from him. Obscenity is not just about clothing. It also happens in human behavior. And commenting on a girl’s dress on a public platform seems like vulgar behavior to me.

The article is in Bengali

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