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A Pakistani actress said about Shahrukh Khan!

A Pakistani actress said about Shahrukh Khan!
A Pakistani actress said about Shahrukh Khan!

Shahrukh Khan—the name that needs no simile. He is still the king of Bollywood for a long time. His fans are not only in India but also in different parts of the world. Shah Rukh’s fans are also in the neighboring country of Da-Kumra relationship, Pakistan. An actress from that country has made a bitter comment about the king of Bollywood.

In a recent interview, Pakistani actress Mahnoor Baloch said, ‘Shahrukh Khan does not know how to act’.

Mahnoor Baloch said, ‘It is true that Shahrukh Khan has a great personality. But he is not handsome at all in terms of beauty. But he has a strong personality, and a strange aura. That’s why she looks beautiful. There are many beautiful people in the world, who have no pride.’

He said, ‘I think about Shah Rukh Khan, he doesn’t know acting. He is a good businessman. He knows how to market himself well. Maybe his fans and likes will not agree with me. He can sell himself well. There are many good actors, who act well but are not as successful as him.’

Pak actress Mahnoor Baloch interview part released on YouTube. However, there are many people who could not agree with the statement. On the video on YouTube, one person wrote, ‘What nonsense… SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) is a great actor and a legend.’

Another said, ‘Mahnoor is definitely wrong. Shah Rukh Khan is the king of expression’. Many sarcastically said, ‘You are not even worthy of Shahrukh’s nails.’

Meanwhile, Shahrukh stormed the box office since the beginning of this year. Starting from Pathan-jawan, now Danki. Currently, Shahrukh Khan has started promoting Danki. The film will be released on December 22 this year.


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