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The blouse must be opened! What Madhuri Dixit did on the instructions of the director


The blouse must be opened! What Madhuri Dixit did on the instructions of the director

Entertainment Desk: The blouse should be removed. So that the sexual appeal becomes more obvious. Clear instruction of the director of the film. But the heroine of the film strongly objects to that. She is none other than Madhuri Dixit herself. Let’s hear that story.

Various discussions continue about how the daring scenes will be shot in the movie. Many a times, it is seen that the crew of the film felt uncomfortable while acting in that particular scene.

Actresses are especially often in trouble, because daring scenes mean revealing clothes. Many bodies are caught in front of everyone’s eyes. This time, there are different opinions about how far the limit of that dress will be. And Madhuri Dixit was also involved in such a problem.

In fact, Madhuri was very aware of how she would capture her on screen, no matter how much her eye-catching charm made people tremble. Once upon a time, he had objections to acting in daring scenes.

And that noise was created during the shooting of the film ‘Shanakt’. However, Madhuri herself did not say that. But the film’s director Tinu Anand exposed that problem.

Tinu Anand started this film with Amitabh and Madhuri. For a scene, he instructs Madhuri to take off her blouse. To act on screen wearing only underwear.

Because in that scene the heroine is using her body to save her husband. Not only that, everything will be open, there will be no hiding – Tinu also informed that. And since this scene is very important, it was decided to start shooting with this scene.

But Madhuri was against showing herself so openly in the workplace. First, he stipulates that he decides what underwear he wears. Since that is what will be seen. The director accepted that.

But even then Madhuri’s discomfort did not go away. Finally, at the very last moment, he wants to withdraw from the film. Madhuri agreed to do this film after much persuasion, said Tinu Anand. Although this film never saw the light of release.

The article is in Bengali

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