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A group of Oxford University students are making a documentary on the Teesta River

A group of Oxford University students are making a documentary on the Teesta River
A group of Oxford University students are making a documentary on the Teesta River

Jalpaiguri: Many of the world’s rivers are changing their form, some rivers are drying up or disappearing. Due to climate change, some rivers are becoming more destructive. A group of foreign researchers are making documentaries about the history of such rivers. They have now arrived in Bengal. The aim is to make a documentary about the river Teesta flowing through Jalpaiguri district.

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Locals have become curious to see these students from England’s Oxford University making a documentary about Teesta. Common people are crowding the river bank during their shooting. Along with other rivers around the world, the Teesta river will also reach the world court. In this, the residents of the river bank are dreaming of their own development. The main goal of these researchers is to collect information about the course of the Teesta and its surrounding life. But they are shocked by the culture and art of Teesta Para. Patrick, Williams, Sujira want to show that culture in their documentary.


Cultural organizations of Arshinagar and Urban Lo have joined hands with these foreign apprentices to present Teesa culture on the world stage. They are seen working with the folk culture of Teesta Par. On this day, the image of the mail bond of folk culture with two cultural organizations is visible. A cultural workshop was also held. The songs of Jemecheni or Teesta Buri around the river Teesta are presented to foreign researchers.

Seeing everything, Williams, one of the members of the research team, said, “We are making a documentary about the condition of the river around the world. which will be shown at Oxford University. Coming to North Bengal we are working on Teesta. In no other country have we found a folk culture nearly a thousand years old around a river. He said that it surprised them. Everyone is hoping that this is how the folk culture of Teesta will be endangered.

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