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Once the film is released, everyone’s doubts will be cleared: Bubli

Once the film is released, everyone’s doubts will be cleared: Bubli
Once the film is released, everyone’s doubts will be cleared: Bubli

For a few days now, the media has been abuzz with the love story of actress Shabnam Bubli and managing director of Ganbangla Television Kaushik Hossain Tapas. The discussion was sparked by a Facebook status of Tapas’ wife Ganbangla TV chairman Farzana Munni. However, the status was removed from Munni’s Facebook after some time.

Later it came to know that Farzana Munni’s Facebook account was hacked. Both sides have clarified their positions on the issue. Even so, the matter has been stuck in various speculations until now. However, Bubli surprised everyone as soon as the discussion-criticism was over. This actress came forward with her new movie look.

A few days ago Bubli joined a movie titled ‘Khela Hobe’ of TM Films. Where actress Parimani will be seen along with Bubli. This time, by revealing the look of that movie, he hid the rumors of love. Bubli posted several looks of the movie on Facebook and captioned it as ‘TM Films, Khela Hobe.’ Bubli also said, Tanim Rahman Anshu is producing this movie called ‘Khela Hobe’. It also starred Mushfiq Farhan, Abul Kalam Azad, Shahidul Alam Sacchu and others.

Meanwhile, even though Bubli’s new look is being discussed, netizens are seeing the issue of love in different ways. Some consider it a ploy to promote the movie itself. And many are unwilling to keep love in mere rumours. Although such activities in the promotion of new movies are not new for stars. At various times, moviegoers have been fooled by such behavior of stars.

It should be noted that a few days ago Munni’s Facebook status read, ‘Tapas and Bubli are in a relationship. Bubli is ruining my family, just like Apu did Biswas’s life. Shakib got pregnant by blackmailing Khan, now his target is Tapas. Tapas and Bubli will be responsible if anything happens to me.’ Later, when Apu Biswas shared the status, there was an uproar over it. However, after some time the status was deleted.

According to Munni, his Facebook was hacked. On the other hand, Bubli also protested and said, ‘A group has personally started dirtying each of my work places in various ways for quite some time. Now again, whenever I am going to do a new movie with TM Films called Khil Ho, there is always talk of how to pollute the environment. But once the film is released, everyone’s doubts will disappear.’ But regardless of the discussion-criticism, Bubli’s new look has caught the attention of the audience.

The article is in Bengali

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