Bubli is doing Tapas’ movie, Luke revealed


Actress Shabnam Yasmin Bubli added to the scent of Hemant when the buzz of new love is floating in the air. Tapas’s wife Farzana Munni posted a post saying that Bubli is in a relationship with Bengali music leader Tapas.

However, there was another post from Munni’s Facebook later that her Facebook account was hacked. Bublio also protested that a gang is trying to destroy his career. Basically, Tapas is going to act in a big budget movie of TM Films. This is a new conspiracy. Of course, Bubli’s words are not to be thrown away at all, earlier while doing Rafi’s movie, there were reports that she had fallen in love with him.

What happened before Bubli’s protest or Munni’s confession of hack. Rumors of the two’s relationship are mixed in the dark air of Hemant. This story spread in the city, Bandar Nagar.

But Bubli doesn’t want to care about all these things. Bubli is on his way, not looking anywhere. Last night showed clear evidence of this. He informed on his Facebook handle that he is doing Tapas movie.

Not only that, Bubli also revealed the look of the movie titled Khela Hoba. Bubli published several crores of pictures on her social handle. TM Films wrote in the caption, Khilha will be. That is, no matter how many hurdles, TM Films’ Karandhar Tapas’s movie is being done by this actress.

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