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Is the release of ‘Salar’ delayed again?

Is the release of ‘Salar’ delayed again?
Is the release of ‘Salar’ delayed again?


The release of Baahubali-famous South star Prabhas’ upcoming movie ‘Saalar’ may be delayed again. The makers and producers of the movie do not want Prabhas of ‘Adipurush’ to be overwhelmed again while clashing with Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Danki’.

However, movie database ‘IMDB’ shows the possible release date of ‘Saalar’ as December 22. The audience is also invited to watch the movie there.

But Times of India reported the possibility of delaying the movie. It is said there that Shah Rukh’s third movie of the year ‘Danki’ will be released on the same day. That’s why Prabhas personally wants Salaar to be pushed back to a date so that it doesn’t have to compete with other big-budget movies.

The first phase of ‘Saala’ was supposed to be released on September 28. Shahrukh also got blocked in that month. On September 7, with ‘Jawaan’, King Khan of Bollywood turned all the accounts of the box office upside down.

Then comes the announcement, ‘Salar’ will be released in November. That didn’t happen either.

Even fixing the date of December 22 before Christmas at the latest in December is of no use. This time, Shahrukh-Hirani appeared with ‘Dunky’.

Action-thriller style ‘Salar’ has been produced by ‘KGF’ fame director Prashant Neel. The teaser of the movie was released in July.

It is said there, the entire story of the movie is not being completed in one episode. The sequel will come in the future. Hence the name of the movie is ‘Salar: Part One – Ceasefire’.

The main attraction of this movie with a budget of around 200 crore rupees is ‘Baahubali’ famous Telugu star Prabhas. Although after Baahubali, this star could not present any good movie at the box office.

This hero’s three consecutive films ‘Saaho’, ‘Radhe Shyam’ and ‘Adipurush’ did not do well. Hindi cinema analysts feel that Prabhas’ hope for a comeback right now is ‘Saalar’.

Shruti Haasan has become the heroine of Prabhas in ‘Saalar’. South superstar Prithviraj Sukumaran has played the role of Khal.

‘Saalar’ will be released simultaneously in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam languages.

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