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Nowshaba in the story of women trafficking

Nowshaba in the story of women trafficking
Nowshaba in the story of women trafficking

Actress Nowshaba Ahmed has already accumulated several films in her career. However, although his acting career has been long, he has not got the opportunity to act in many films. Again, many people think that they got less job opportunities according to the main character or his acting ability. But now that regret is ending.

A different Naushaba is going to appear in the new movie ‘Meghna Kanya’. It is known that the movie is based on the story of two women from village and city breaking the shackles of women trafficking. Besides, the story of the movie told in a rural background with a tough topic like women trafficking has enough entertainment for the audience.

The story of fulfillment of dreams is told through two women from different backgrounds who face different social obstacles on screen. Nowshabar will be seen in the role of that woman. Director Fuad Chowdhury is planning to release the movie this month. This movie is a different story about women trafficking and is releasing on November 17.

Apart from Kazi Nowshaba Ahmed, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Shatabdi Wadud, Semanti Das Soumi, Sajjad Hussain have acted in various roles of ‘Meghna Kanya’. The music is directed by Sumi of Chirkut band. The screenplay and dialogues of the film are written by Fahmidur Rahman and Ahmed Khan Hirak.

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