Riaz-Ferdous and Shakeel Khan in old memories, viral in the net world


Entertainment Desk: Three heroes Riaz, Ferdous and Shakeel Khan arrived in Bengali cinema at almost the same time. The gap in between was one-two years. The three have a lot in common, as well as a great friendship in personal life. The popularity of the three as romantic heroes was sky high.

Riyaz-Ferdous and Shakeel Khan, these three heroes were seen together in the film ‘Dui Nayaner Alo’. There, the heroine of the three was their girlfriend and colleague Shabnoor. The director Mostafizur Rahman Manik did the impossible to bring these four stars in one movie. All three have achieved success as heroes of Shabnoor. However, at one time the Shabnoor-Riaz duo got a separate audience. Shakeel Khan pairs up with Poppy. On the other hand, Ferdous acted with all the popular heroines of Bengal. But he also gave several superhit films with Moushumi and Shabnoor.

Recently, a picture of the three of them spread on social media. Seeing them in the old memories, the fans of the heroes are suffering from nostalgia. Meanwhile, the picture is viral in the net world.

Riaz-Ferdous and Shakeel Khan in old memories, viral in the net world

Many years ago, filmmaker Debashish Biswas shared a picture of these three heroes. At that time he wrote, ‘Once I really wanted to remake my father Dilip Biswas’ superhit film ‘Zinjir’ with these three. Suman-Rajan-Mohan, we are three friends.’

In 1995, Riyaz came to film in Dhaka through the film ‘Banglar Nayak’. However, in 1997, he acted in the film ‘Pran Chey Priya’ directed by Mohammad Hannan. Ferdous entered the cinema a year after the arrival of this hero. He first acted in Chhatku Ahmed’s film ‘Fire in the Chest’. Salman Shah was the hero of this film. After the sudden death of this popular actor, Ferdous entered from the middle of the film. And Shakeel Khan’s arrival came with the film ‘Amar Ghar Amar Behesht’ released in 1998. However, he signed the film in mid-’97. In the first film she acted opposite Poppy. Later, this pair became very popular in the film Dhakai.

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