Attack on the car of producer Redwan Roni’s parents

Attack on the car of producer Redwan Roni’s parents
Attack on the car of producer Redwan Roni’s parents

A vehicle carrying the parents of builder and charki CEO Redwan Roni was attacked by miscreants on the second day of the three-day blockade called by BNP Jamaat.

The producer himself said this in a status on social media on Wednesday night. He also published the photo of the car that was attacked.

Rony wrote in that status, terrified! The car was vandalized. A little while ago, parents were returning home from Bardem Hospital, 20-30 people started a sudden attack in front of Gulshan Police Plaza, vandalizing the car. A few cars were also set on fire. My parents have never been in such a panic situation.

Then this producer wrote, “I don’t have the mindset to ask how good or bad the condition of the country is now.” But I can’t get one question out of my head, is the time so bad that sick people can’t even go to the hospital?

When Redwan Roni was contacted about the matter, he told Dhaka Post, ‘The incident happened around 8 o’clock on Wednesday night. The parents were on their way to the hospital when a group of people marched out with torches and attacked the car. They also tried to set the car on fire. Not being able to do that, he ransacked.’

Even though the car was damaged in the incident, Roni said that the parents are safe. He said, ‘Father and mother are terribly scared. They were staying in the car. Then the driver quickly returned home with the car from there. At present they are staying at home.’


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