Riva-Razia without Eden, joy march on campus

Riva-Razia without Eden, joy march on campus
Riva-Razia without Eden, joy march on campus

Eden College Chhatra League president Tamanna Jasmine Riva and general secretary Razia Sultana have been thrown out of the Eden College campus. Currently, they are undergoing treatment at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DHMC). They left the campus and took part in a joyous march, a section of opposition to the Chhatra League.

President Tamanna Jasmine Riva was sent to Dhaka Medical in an ambulance by the college administration around 6:30 pm on Sunday. An hour later, General Secretary Razia Sultana was taken to Laguna from the campus. After that, the leaders and activists of the opposition section of the president-general secretary of the Chhatra League took part in a joyous procession.

Sonali Akhter, Vice President of College Chhatra League, said, ‘Two of them left the campus under police custody. Chhatra League activists and ordinary students have been freed from their torture.

Due to the attack on Jannatul Ferdous, vice-president of Eden College Chhatra League of the capital, a heated situation prevailed in the college campus premises since midnight on Saturday. Heated situation throughout the night, slogans were exchanged, teachers-students and the administration held round-by-round meetings. But after all, hot conditions prevailed throughout the night. The same situation continued all day on Sunday.

Photo: Abdul Ghani

BCL president-general secretary formed an investigation committee after seeing the situation. The rebel group of Chhatra League occupied the college campus throughout the day. Tamanna Jasmine Riva was attacked while holding a press conference at 6 pm. Meanwhile, at least 15 people were injured in the chase and attack of two groups of BCL.

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