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Midnight hot Eden College

Midnight hot Eden College
Midnight hot Eden College

Eden Mahila College Chhatra League of the capital is not leaving behind the controversy. A Chhatra League leader named Jannatul Ferdous has been accused of being beaten up from the hall for giving an interview to the media about college president Tamanna Jasmine Riva and general secretary Razia Sultana’s extortion and seat trade.

It is known that Jannatul Ferdous is the vice-president of the college branch Chhatra League and Begum Razia is a resident student of the hostel. On September 22, Jannatul gave an interview to the media about the various irregularities, extortion, seat trading and hall occupation of the Chhatra League president-general secretary. Two days after the interview, the followers of the branch president-general secretary threatened to throw him out of the hall at around 11 pm on Saturday (September 24). At that time, he was also accused of harassing and beating him. Currently, Jannatul has been admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Meanwhile, there is a tense situation in the Eden campus after Jannatul was beaten out. It is reported that a protest is going on on behalf of Eden College Chhatra League president and general secretary on Saturday night.

Tamannaah Jasmine Riva and Razia Sultana were called several times to inquire about this but they did not receive. Razia Begum hostel principal Nargis Ruma and college principal Supriya Bhattacharya did not pick up the phone after multiple phone calls.

Eden Government Women's College

The Chhatra League, a branch of the Eden Government Women’s College in the capital, has recently come under fire for its controversial activities. There is a heated debate about Tamanna Jasmine Riva, president of College Chhatra League, especially in the case of student torture. He is at the center of criticism. But it doesn’t matter to him.

He threatened to throw the students out of the hall of residence for not going to the Chhatra League program. An audio of abuse and threats in profanity was leaked and made news in various media. Although later he apologized for this. Four days later, the president was accused of threatening to make the video of the two students undressed and go viral.

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