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“Some teachers are betraying education” – Opinion

“Some teachers are betraying education” – Opinion
“Some teachers are betraying education” – Opinion

Professor of English Department of Dhaka University. Syed Manjurul Islam said, there are still many ethical teachers in the country. But some teachers are betraying education by falling into the trap of tuition. If teachers leak questions, how can it be stopped?

On Friday (September 23), while talking to Bangladesh daily, Professor Dr. Syed Manjurul Islam said this. The report was written by Aktaruzzaman.

The educationist said, ‘The incident of question leakage is very sad. We can ensure external seamless security in query storage. But if people inside the house are involved in questioning, it is difficult to prevent it. So far no such complaints have come through the teachers. We have to be careful about this from now on.’ He said, ‘Such a matter came to the fore for the first time.

This means that a culture of greed has been introduced among teachers as well. Someone is trying to expand his life beyond affluence. If the teachers are found guilty in the investigation, exemplary punishment must be given.’ Manjurul Islam said, if the law is really applied, then the teacher involved in cheating should never have a job. Leaking exam questions is the ultimate moral offense. The culture of lawlessness that has developed in our country is due to the weakness of the rule of law. This is why real criminals get away. The wrath of the law falls on them if they commit a minor crime. It’s not setting a good example. Security of questions must be ensured at every level.

The article is in Bengali

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