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Students were ‘beaten’ for braiding their hair, the teacher shaved his head in protest

Students were ‘beaten’ for braiding their hair, the teacher shaved his head in protest
Students were ‘beaten’ for braiding their hair, the teacher shaved his head in protest

Allegations have been made against the headmaster of a Chittagong school for beating the players of the kabaddi team consisting of students due to braiding their hair.

Zahida Parveen, the assistant teacher of the school’s physical education department and the coach of the kabaddi team, protested by shaving her head.

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The incident took place on September 7 at Yakub Ali Interpreter Girls High School in Kotwali area of ​​Bandarnagar.

Assistant teacher Zahida Parveen also made a post on her Facebook page protesting the beating of students. The post has since gone viral on social media.

According to those concerned, Zahida Parveen had been training the kabaddi team of 12 female students for more than a month for the 49th National Summer Sports Competition.

Zahida Parveen claimed that on the day of the incident, preparations were underway to take a group photo with the players. According to rules, hair cannot be left open while playing Kabaddi. That’s why he asks girls to braid their hair. But the head teacher, Nipa Chowdhury, got angry after seeing the braiding of hair and pulled the students by their hair and also beat some of them.

Denying this accusation, Nipa Chowdhury told The Daily Star, ‘I did not beat or scold the students that day; Rather, I also took pictures with them.’

After this incident Zahida Parveen went to participate in the competition with the players on September 8. However, the Kabaddi team of the school could not participate in the game due to the delay in their arrival due to the model test in the school.

In this regard, Zahida Parveen said, ‘On the day of the game, the headmistress forced the students to participate in the model test. That’s why it’s late to go to the venue. So the coordinator of the competition did not allow the students to enter the field.

However, the head teacher Nipa Chowdhury commented, ‘This is a complete lie. Rather, I said that nothing will happen if the model test is not given.

When asked about not being allowed to play due to delay in reaching the venue, education officer of Chittagong Kotwali police station said. Ziaul Huda Siddiqui told Daily Star, ‘The school authorities did not inform us that there might be a delay. Therefore, according to the rules, the tournament had to be continued.

Assistant teacher Zahida Parveen claims that she shaved her head on September 13 out of anger due to all these incidents. Then on the afternoon of September 22, he described the incident and attached a picture of his shaved head in a post on Facebook.

In that post, Zahida Parveen writes, ‘The school girls were photographed with French braids on the day before they went to the field after spending a month learning the game. In my school the head master beat the girls by their hair for the crime of going to play. He barks. I lost my hair in protest. Does it look too bad???’

District Education Officer Faridul Alam said, ‘If anyone breaks the rules, it will be investigated. If anyone is found guilty in the investigation, action will be taken against them.’

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