The body found in Phulpur is Khulna’s missing Rahimar?

The body found in Phulpur is Khulna’s missing Rahimar?
The body found in Phulpur is Khulna’s missing Rahimar?

Her daughter Maryam Mannan posted on Facebook that the body of missing housewife Rahima Begum (52) has been found in Khulna. He gave this status on Thursday (September 22) night. However, Khulna’s Daulatpur police station, PBI and Mymensingh police, which investigated the case, said they were not at all sure. Meanwhile, giving this status on Facebook has created an uproar in Khulna.

Maryam Mannan, the daughter of missing Rahima Begum, gave a status on Facebook at around 11 pm on Thursday, saying ‘I have just found my mother’s body’. After this status was shared by many people and 773 comments were read under the status. Then he wrote in another status ‘ I will not go to anyone else! I will not tell anyone where my mother is! I will not tell anyone to find my mother! I will not bother anyone! I got my mother!’ As seen below this status, 48 ​​people have shared it and 153 comments have been read.

Maryam Mannan was called several times to get details about the matter, but she did not receive. However, at one point he sent a message saying ‘I will call you please’.

His brother said on the mobile phone. When Sadi was called, he hung up without answering. Later his phone rang several times but was found switched off.

Abdullah Al Mamun, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Mymensingh’s Phulpur Police Station, said that on September 10, a melted body of a woman was recovered from the area of ​​Phulpur Police Station. The woman was buried at an estimated age of 30 years. And the missing woman in Khulna is much older. The relatives of the Khulna woman came to the Phulpur police station on Friday around 10:30 am. Talking to them. If they identify the woman by looking at her clothes, then it can be said. But we still cannot say whose body it is.

The house of the missing woman is in Daulatpur Thana area of ​​Khulna city. Daulatpur Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Nazrul Islam said that he also heard from people and journalists. But they could not be sure about the matter.

PBI is investigating the case filed in connection with the woman’s disappearance. Khulna Superintendent of Police of the organization was called several times to inquire about this, but he did not receive.

On August 27, a housewife named Rahima Begum went missing from Maheshwarpasha area of ​​Daulatpur police station in Khulna. The next day Rahima Begum’s daughter Aduri Khatun filed a case at Daulatpur police station.

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