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Where a different struggle to build a life goes on quietly

Nazia Begum and Safiqul Islam couple live in Brahmin village of Dakshin Banigram Union No. 7 of Kanighat Upazila of Sylhet. Jamil Ahmed is the only son among the three children of this couple. Even after the age of two years, Jamil could not call anything but mother. Mother Nazia Begum became worried. Despite many attempts, the boy could not speak. Jamil grew up slowly. Once, Nazia Begum and Safiqul Islam realized that their son was speech impaired. However, the speech-impaired son should not be a burden to the family and society, so Nazia admitted him to Kindergarten school thinking about the future of his son. Even though he can’t speak, Jamil’s intellect is quite sharp. To focus more on his son’s studies, Nazia admitted him to Sylhet Government Speech-Hearing Impaired School in the first class. Thirteen-year-old Jamil Ahmed is currently studying in class five. Meanwhile, after living in exile for 30 years, Safiqul Islam fell ill after suffering a stroke. In this situation, Nazia Begmer spends every moment worrying about the future of her son and family.

Recently went to Sylhet government school for speech and hearing impaired and talked with Nazia Begum. He said these things at that time.

It can be seen from the surface that the construction work of Social Services Directorate building is going on behind the Zila Parishad Dak Bungalow in Sheikhghat, Sylhet. Behind him is a two-story and two three-story buildings. Teaching is going on in three of the four classrooms on the ground floor of the two-storied administrative building. From outside the classroom, the teacher can be seen teaching with hand gestures. Students wearing school dress are also very focused on their books. In another classroom, small children can be seen reading on the board and reading books on the advice of the teacher. The parent is also seen sitting with a first class student. It is known that the child’s mother brings him to school every day as the child is somewhat restless. The mother sits with the child herself so as not to cause any difficulty in the classroom. Take him back home after school.

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In the fifth grade of that school, it is seen that a teacher is teaching the students. A total of 10 students are reading with the teacher’s handbook in that classroom. Talking to the students with the help of the teacher, it is known that they can easily understand what is taught in the classroom. If there is any difficulty in understanding the reading, it is understood by asking again. They don’t have any problem with studying in the classroom. They also like to study. These students study in books just like 8-10 ordinary students. Their teaching is as silent as the letters written in the ink of the pen. Sign, babbling, leaf reading, writing methods are taught to these speech and hearing impaired students.

So that these speech and hearing impaired children do not become a burden to the society, schools have been built for them at government expense. Three students from this school got GPA-5 in the primary education final examination last year. They are also awarded from the Directorate. Not only to do well in academic education, recently the students of the school won the prize in the painting competition organized by the Prime Minister’s office. Manik Mia Talukdar. Sagar Ahmed, another student of this school, received an award from the Deputy Commissioner in this year’s Independence Day parade competition. Many of the students studying in this school are now living abroad in different countries including USA, UK. Many are making a living by doing business or job.

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It is known that the Government Speech-Hearing Impaired School was established on September 21, 1981 behind the Zila Parishad Dak Bungalow in Sheikhghat, Sylhet. The school, established on an area of ​​1.8 acres, currently has 83 students. The school has a total of 9 teachers including two female teachers. Speech and hearing impaired students from class I to class VIII are taught here. 69 students are currently studying in this school at the primary level. Also there are 14 students at secondary level. Currently there are 10 students in the school. 100 students have the opportunity to study in this institution at government expense. However, out of 83 students currently studying, 63 are studying as residents and 20 as non-residents.


Sylhet government speech and hearing impaired school head teacher. Habibur Rahman

There are two residential buildings on either side of the academic building of this school. The two three-story residential buildings house 63 students. Students live on the second and third floors of the two residential buildings. In addition, there is a teacher’s auditorium and head teacher’s room on the ground floor of a residential building.

In the residential buildings, it can be seen that there are four students in each room. Quiet living goes on in this room of very simple living facilities with four iron beds in the four corners of the room. After the school holidays, some are seen sleeping in their rooms, some are taking a bath and doing their necessary work. Apart from parents and own family, it is like a different family for them. Here happiness and sorrow are shared by eye contact and hand gesture.

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In this school, established for the speech and hearing impaired, classes are held from 8 am to 3 pm. After class, students play sports in the afternoon. In the evening, the gate of their residential building was locked. No resident student is allowed to go outside the school premises at any time during the day or night. However, even if they want to go home or on vacation, the parents apply and take the students with them according to certain rules. Their silent life struggle goes on in such a circle morning and evening. Although they cannot express their childhood wishes and desires in words, these children are fighting a different struggle in the battle of life to build their own future at this age.


Sylhet government speech and hearing impaired school head teacher. Habibur Rahman told Jago News that the quality of education in the school is good. However, some posts of teachers are still vacant. The quality of education will be better if we get new teachers for these positions. Leaf reading, sign, babbling, writing methods are taught to speech and hearing impaired students. All general education is taught here.

He said that if the school environment and facilities are improved, these children will benefit more. At the same time, the students will do better if the instructions given by the Directorate regarding doing Class XII are done. If it is implemented, the students will be able to establish themselves in the society after completing their studies.


The article is in Bengali

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