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‘I found my mother’s body’ 1186260 | The voice of time

‘I found my mother’s body’ 1186260 | The voice of time
‘I found my mother’s body’ 1186260 | The voice of time

Maryam Mannan found her mother’s body after being missing for 25 days. He himself confirmed the matter in a Facebook status. He wrote on his Facebook status around 11:30 pm on Thursday, ‘I have just found my mother’s body. ‘

Later, at 12 o’clock in the night, Maryam wrote in another status, “I will not go to anyone again! I will not tell anyone where my mother is! I will not tell anyone, please help me! ‘I got who!

Regarding the disappearance of her mother earlier, Maryam said, My mother has not been found since the night of August 27.


That day at 10pm or a little later, my mother went to fetch water from the water tube well under the house. Hours passed and the mother did not return. After that, everyone started looking for the mother. Mother’s shoes, veil, water pot were lying but my mother was not there. We believe that my mother may have been abducted due to a property dispute with neighbors.

My mother Rahima Begum and her second husband. Billal lived with Howladar on the second floor of Maheswarpasha Khanabari Holding No-35 under Daulatpur Thana, Khulna. We are six siblings. I have studied in different universities.

The family made a general diary at the Daulatpur police station after going to the house of relatives and searching for him. The next day on August 28, Aduri Khatun filed a kidnapping case with the Daulatpur Police Station against the unidentified accused. Which number is 15.

Daulatpur police station has already arrested 5 suspects and remanded them. A source in the missing Rahima Begum’s family said that a year ago, Rahima Begum and one of her daughters were attacked by rivals over a land dispute.

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