Iranian young women protest by burning hijabs

Iranian young women protest by burning hijabs
Iranian young women protest by burning hijabs

Iran’s morality police force has been accused of taking a young woman to the police station and torturing her for the ‘crime’ of not wearing a hijab. Protests spread across Iran in this incident.

Women are protesting for the fifth day in the country.

Last Friday (September 16) a young woman named Mahsha Amini (22) died. Before that, he was in a coma in the hospital for three days. On September 13, the young woman was going from Kurdistan to the country’s capital, Tehran. He was going to meet his relatives there. It was at this time that he suddenly caught the eye of Iran’s moral police force. He was immediately picked up from the road and taken to the police station. Other women were also arrested for not wearing hijab.

Tehran Police Chief General Hossein Rahimi said the young woman had violated the dress code. His colleagues and relatives asked him to bring modest clothes.

Women were seen setting their hijabs on fire in the fifth day of protests in the northern Iranian city of Sari. The rest of the protestors then cheered.

Some videos from Tehran online show women taking off their hijabs and chanting “Dictator Murdabad”. This slogan is addressed to the supreme leader of Iran. Apart from this, slogans are also seen to demand justice, freedom, cannot be forced to wear hijab.

A woman who participated in the protest sent some photos to the British BBC, in which she claimed that she was beaten and injured by riot police.

He said the police were continuously firing tear gas. Our eyes were burning. We were running away, the police surrounded us and beat us. They say I am a sex worker, I am on the streets to sell my body.

The governor of Tehran wrote in a tweet on Tuesday that these protests are being completely planned to create unrest. And Iranian state TV says Amini’s death is being used as an opportunity by Kurdish separatists.

Sources: BBC, AFP

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