Rabi Nandanik Hotel’s Humanitarian Initiative ‘Suspense Mill’

Going to Station Bazar through Motherbox Hall of Rajshahi University (Rabi), the first thing you see is Nandnik Hotel. As soon as you enter the hotel, you will see some leaflets with different texts. ‘You can keep Suspense Mill open for hungry people’, ‘Find whether there is Suspense Mill’, ‘Don’t take unnecessary loans’ etc.

The owner of the hotel, Babu Karmakar, has started a Suspense Mill for the helpless and hungry students at Rajshahi University (Rabi) Station Bazar’s Nandanik Hotel. This has caught everyone’s attention.

After research, it is known that the inventor of suspense mill is the third caliph of Islam, Hazrat Usman (RA). Since the Muslim Caliphate, their restaurants in other developed countries including the United States have been operating this method. This time ‘Suspense Mill’ has started in the campus of Rajshahi University.

What is suspense mill?

You ate and paid the bill at the cash counter. If you want, you can leave another millet money with the hotel owner for another person’s meal. Later, another person can eat with that money. But he will not know that he is eating with his money. Many do not understand that he is in financial trouble. Can’t tell anyone out of shame. For them this is the suspense mill.

Masud Rana, a second-year student of the public administration department of the university, told Jago News, ‘The launch of the suspense mill system is undoubtedly a good initiative. As a result of this system, poor students or hungry people can also eat suspense meals. But we who are well-to-do students should eat ourselves and leave some money for suspense mills. The money I leave will help feed the hunger of others.’

Welcoming such an initiative, Shafiqul Islam, a master’s student in the Department of Economics, told Jago News, ‘I didn’t know what a suspense mill was. When I realized its real purpose, I felt like thanking the shop owner. Here, if the students raise their hands, the hungry can eat one meal. Everyone should come forward in this humanitarian work.’


Hotel owner Babu Karmakar told Jago News, I keep the extra money of the students in a box. When a poor student eats a meal of 30 rupees, I take 30 rupees from that box and keep it in my cash.

He also said that it has been a month since we started this system. Students are responding well. Even today the two ate the suspense mill. If there is a response, this system will be activated.

Monir Hossain Mahin/SR/GKS

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